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Lourenza van der Merwe

I was an Aerobics Instructor in Port Elizabeth for several years and Neil Burkett and Geoff Gowar were two very dedicated students in my class. Neil tried for several years to “convince” me that Bowls is an awesome sport for Young and Old, and that I should consider it. I just laughed at him and of course did not agree.

Well………………….don’t be deceived by appearances, a humble game of lawn bowls is still capable of getting your heart “pumping”. Cecile Kritzinger, my mom, was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration 15 years ago. She started playing bowls for the National Association for Blind Bowlers.   I was her Coach/Director for approx. 2 years. My mom achieved several Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for NABB PE.   I truly felt that I actually did not deserve these Medals as her Coach/Director, as I had not yet rolled a bowl.

The game of bowls crept its way into my heart and during 2001, I started my own bowling career at Westview Bowling Club. I spent my four Novice years there and then joined Western Suburbs Bowling Club.

Once this game is in your Blood and Heart, it is there for life!   I soon realized it is a game for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.   Strength and fitness become crucial at the  highest levels of competition.  

We all have a “Goal” – Bowls is something I want to improve at all the time.

I have played bowls for Eastern Province for the past 10 years.



2005    EP Ladies Singles – Gold
           Champion of Champions – Gold
2007    EP Mixed Fours – Gold
2008    EP “B” Inter-District – Silver
2009    EP Ladies Singles – Gold
           EP Masters - Silver
2010    EP Masters – Gold
2011    SA National Camp
2013    EP Ladies Singles – Gold
           EP Ladies Fours – Bronze
           BSA Masters
           BSA Zone Camp
           BSA Gold Squad
2014    EP Ladies Singles – Gold
           EP “A” Inter-District – Gold
           EP Ladies Pairs – Gold
           EP Ladies Fours – Silver
           EP Masters – Bronz
           BSA Gold Squad
2015    BSA National Ladies Fours – Bronze
           EP Masters – Gold
           EP Ladies Trips – Gold
           EP Ladies Pairs – Bronze
           All Cape Plate – Gold
2016    EP Ladies  Singles – Gold
           EP Ladies Trips – Gold
           EP Ladies Masters - Bronze
2017    EP Ladies Pairs – Gold
           EP Ladies Trips – Gold
           EP Ladies Singles – Silver
           EP Ladies Fours – Silver
2018    EP Ladies Masters – Gold
           EP Ladies Pairs – Silver
           EP “A” Inter-District - Silver



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