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Charlotte Roussouw - JBA

At a young age I watched Doug Watson and the SA team playing in the World Cup on TV and found it fascinating. I did not really think much about it until I was invited to play in a fun day on my birthday. I had so much fun that the following Monday I went to the closest bowls shop and bought the whole kit, bowls included. Family and friends found this very amusing, as bowls was considered an old persons game. It took me a year to get courage to phone the nearest club which at that time was Patterson Park Bowling Club, unfortunately since closed.

I was not all that competitive and really just played tabs and internal competitions. In my second year I won the Novice Champion of Champions. It was not until I won the club singles and had to play in the open Champion of Champions, which I won, that I was noticed by the then President of our District, Jacques de Villiers who invited me to come and play in the Development Squad. Played in this Squad for two years before being selected for the “B” Inter-District team and two years later for the “A” Inter-District team.

My only regret is that I did not play the game of bowls in a more serious manner from the start. It is a very competitive sport and only once you get seriously involved, do you understand the skill that is really required.  As with any sport, if you want to achieve you have to give it your full commitment and lots of practice.




2010   Presidents Cup - Gold
          JBA “B” Inter-District
2011   Spar Ladies Classic Singles - Gold
           JBA “B” Inter-District
2012    BSA Ladies National Pairs - Gold
           JBA “A” Inter-District - Silver
           JBA Mixed Pairs - Bronze
           JBA Mixed Fours - Gold
2013    BSA Ladies National Pairs - Gold
           JBA “A” Inter-District - Gold
           JBA Ladies Pairs - Gold
           BSA National Camp
2014    JBA “A” Inter-District - Bronze
           Gauteng Ladies Singles - Bronze
           Gauteng Ladies Fours - Bronze
           BSA National Camp
2015    BSA National Camp
           JBA Ladies “A” Inter-District - Gold
           JBA Ladies Trips - Silver
2016    JBA Ladies Trips - Silver
           BSA Ladies Open Masters Singles
           JBA Ladies “A” Inter-District - Gold
           BSA National Ladies Pairs - Silver
2017    JBA Ladies Trips - Gold
           JBA Ladies “A” Inter-District
           JBA Ladies Singles - Bronze
           JBA Ladies Fours - Bronze
           Gauteng Ladies Singles -  Bronze
           JBA Open Masters -  Gold
2018    BSA Masters
           JBA Open Masters Singles
           JBA “A” Inter-District
           JBA Ladies Singles -  Bronze

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