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About Pro Bowls

Pro Bowls SA was formed in November 2008 by Dave Tolson and Hilton Cherry following a negotiation in Sydney Australia with Walter Jacobs of Comfitpro (Pty) Ltd, whereby Pro Bowls SA was appointed to represent Comfitpro and Taylor Bowls in Southern Africa. .

In 2012 due to a change in focus in Australasia, Pro Bowls SA was appointed as the Southern African Representative and Distributor for Taylor Bowls Scotland, and Comfitpro Shoes and Bags were phased out and replaced with Taylor Products.

On 01 April 2014 Hilton Cherry assumed full ownership of Pro Bowls SA. Assisted by his wife Jen, both being ex Inter-District bowlers, Hilton and Jen plan to run Pro Bowls SA with the same service philosophy as Taylor Bowls.

Taylor Bowls are the top seller of bowls world wide and our aim is to achieve the same status for their products in Southern Africa.

The distribution network is highlighted by the appointment of exclusive Stockists in all the main areas of South Africa, as well as Namibia and Zimbabwe. There is linkage between Pro Bowls SA and the Stockists via the Pro Bowls Website, which in turn is linked to the Taylor International site.

About Thomas Taylor (Bowls) Ltd

An internationally successful company, Taylors remains a Scottish family business which was owned and run by the Taylor family for 196 years before the Heron family took it over in 1992.

Taylors simple philosophy is twofold….

Service, service, service. We do our utmost to inject service into every aspect of our business and every customer contact we have, and our research shows that we do this well.

Innovation, innovation, innovation. We constantly and successfully strive to be at the forefront of bowls technology and consistently leave our competitors trailing behind, whether the objective is exciting new products or improved quality and consistency. This applies to our clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories just as much as it does to our bowls.

The future success of the sport is clearly of crucial importance to us and we do, wherever possible, support the sport at a grassroots as well as a professional level and we are always looking for suggestions as to how we could do this even more effectively so please talk to us.

How Taylor Bowls Are Made


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